Scarce Jacobite "Success to the Society" wine glass

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This is what we believe to be a rare Georgian, Jacobite-engraved double series opaque twist wine glass dating from the mid-18th century, c1760.  The glass is engraved with the six-petal Jacobite rose with an open bud to the left of it and a closed bud to the right.  It shows a thistle to the reverse indicating its Scottish heritage.  The words "Success to the Society" are engraved under the rim.   It has become fashionable to indicate which of the engravers in Geoffrey Seddon's book - "The Jacobites and their Drinking Glasses" - is responsible for the Jacobite engraving but my understanding is that the current working theory is that they were each produced by a team of engravers.  Having said that Seddon believes all such glasses were engraved by the same person whom he terms "Engraver H".  The society mentioned in the slogan may or may not be a Jacobite society.  Arthur Churchill Ltd.'s Glass Notes Number 6 dating from December 1946 attributes the slogan to The Society of Jesus i.e. the Jesuits, which makes sense considering the Catholic emphasis of the Jacobite supporters and that all Scottish Jesuits were almost certainly Jacobites.  This attribution is also repeated by Seddon.  However it is also likely that if the owners had Jacobite glasses then they were also probably members of some grouping of Jacobite sympathisers and the ambiguity of the slogan satisfactorily matches the ambiguity of the other engraving.   An almost identical glass can be seen on page 35 of the aforementioned Glass Notes and in plate 88 and Colour Plate 39 in Seddon's excellent book.
The glass is in excellent condition for its age.  It shows age related wear and tear to the rim of the foot consistent with some 250+ years of use.  It has a rough pontil mark on the base of the foot.
The glass has a rounded funnel-shaped bowl measuring 5.2 cm (2.1 inches) in diameter at the rim.  The bowl is engraved with a six-petal rose which probably represents the House of Stuart, an open rose to sinister which represents James and a closed bud to dexter which represents Charles.  This is a different assignation than that given in Seddon's book but we believe that current thinking has me right.  A thistle is engraved to the reverse, and the words "Success to the Society" are engraved just under the brim.  The bowl sits on a double series opaque twist stem consisting of five "cotton" white enamel strands wound around a central corkscrew gauze.   The stem leads to a conical foot which measures 6.5 cm (2.6 inches) in diameter.   The glass is 15 cm  (6 inches) in height.   It weighs 116 g. (~ 4 oz.).   There are no chips, cracks, significant scratches or any obvious signs of restoration.   
Lead glass.  
Quote stock number: 5088a
The glass is one of a set of six which we purchased in British Columbia, Canada, although not all six are in such good condition as this one.  The glasses were from a family of Scottish descent who had owned the glasses for generations.  Many Scots went to the New World after the unsuccessful second Jacobite rebellion in 1745, taking their possessions with them, and many settled in Eastern Canada in Nova Scotia (literally New Scotland), and then travelled West as the opportunity arose.  People of Scottish descent make up some 14% of the current day Canadian population, the third largest national grouping in that country. 
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Scarce Jacobite "Success to the Society" wine glassScarce Jacobite "Success to the Society" wine glass
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