Georgian glass chamber oil lamp

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This is what we believe to be a Georgian, glass chamber oil lamp dating from the mid 18th century.   Similar examples can be seen in Keith Kelsall's book - "The Open Flame Lamp" in plates Q57 and Q58.
The lamp is in excellent condition for its age.  It shows age related wear and tear to both the rim of the bowl and to the rim of the foot consistent with some 200+ years of use. It has a rough pontil mark on the base of the foot.
The lamp has an angular shaped bowl reservoir measuring 7.8 cm (3.1 inches) in diameter.  The bowl sits on a baluster stem, consisting of two cushion knops, an inverted baluster, a basal cushion knop and two basal collars.  The stem leads to an upturned "drip tray" foot with a folded over rim that measures 9.3 cm (3.7 inches) in diameter.  The applied handle is affixed to the base last and carries a thumb plate to the top.  The lamp is 13.7 cm (5.5 inches) in height.   There are no chips, cracks, significant scratches or any evidence of restoration.  The end of the curlicue at the base of the handle is a little rough but we believe this dates from manufacture.  There is a collector's sticker to the base of the foot.  
It weighs 215 g. (~ 7 1/2 oz.).
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Georgian glass chamber oil lampGeorgian glass chamber oil lamp
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