Collecting glass can be a minefield for the inexperienced collector. This is particularly true of 18th century Georgian glass where the prices for an individual piece of glass can be anything from a few tens of pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds. This section of the web site is designed to assist the new or relatively inexperienced Georgian glass collector to avoid some of the major pitfalls that might beset them, by helping them identify the major characteristics of a good eighteenth century Georgian glass. Nothing can replace experience however, so we suggest that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Read and study the best books on the subject. Email us for a recommended reading list or take a look at the Links page.
  2. Observe and handle as many glasses of the type you wish to collect as you can to familarise yourself with their characteristics. The glass fairs shown in the Links section of this web site are a great place to start. The museums won't allow you to handle the glass but will allow you to become familiar with their forms visually.
  3. Buy your first Georgian glass, at least, of the type you wish to collect from a reputable dealer. You may then compare future potential purchases with your reference piece.
  4. Most importantly, buy what you like. You may or may not make money on your investment in 18th century/Georgian glass, but if you continue to enjoy the glass you have bought then you will have gained something even better.

So, what to collect? Stemmed wine glasses, decanters, ale glasses, sweetmeat glasses, jelly glasses, salts? Opaque twists, air twists, balusters, plain stem, facet stem? It is all a matter of taste and pocket. The options within this section cover the most commonly collected (and therefore, arguably, those with the greatest investment potential) glass types. Drinking glasses preponderate as they are the most widely collected. We've tried to give you an overview of the major characteristics of each type of glass.

  • Balusters and balustroids
  • Plain stem wine glasses
  • Air twist wine glasses
  • Pedestal (Silesian) stem glasses
  • Opaque twist wine glasses
  • Facet stem wine glasses
  • Decanters

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