The classic simplicity of the 18th century Georgian plain stem wine glasses has made them a favourite of many a collector and particularly of dealers who appreciate their simplicity.  Some would argue that no drinking glass has ever been as beautiful or as tactile as the eighteenth century trumpet bowled wine glass.  Plain stem wine glasses were made either in two parts or three, the foot always being made separately.  Trumpet bowl wine glasses were nearly always made in two parts with the stem and the bowl being made in a seamless whole.  Glasses such as the one on the right which features a rounded funnel bowl were most often made in three parts, the stem and the bowl being made separately.  The glass on the right has a folded, conical foot.

Vine engraved plain stem wine glass, folded foot

Vine engraved plain stem wine glass, folded foot

This is what we believe to be a Georgian, vine-engraved, plain stem wine glass dating from the mid to late 18th century, c1750.  
The glass is in excellent condition for its age.  It shows age related wear and tear to the rim of the foot consistent with some 250 years of use.  It has a rough pontil mark on the foot.
The glass has an ogee bowl measuring 5.2 cm (2.1 inches) in diameter at the rim.  The bowl is copper-wheel engraved with a fruiting, trailing vine and a sprig of flowers to the reverse.  The bowl sits on a plain stem that leads to a conical, folded foot which measures 7 cm (2.8 inches) in diameter.  The glass is 14.3 cm (5.7 inches) in height. There are no...

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Price: £115.00

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