18th century Georgian glass houses were always on the look out for more ways to extend the medium and create new products.  This category includes all glass objects and drinking glasses that do not easily fit into the stem classifications used to differentiate 18th century Georgian glasses.  Objects as varied as breast pumps, nipple guards, goldfish bowls, leech jars, pharmacy equipment, tazzas, comports, novelty glasses and tankards were all made in large quantities.  Glasses such as the boot glass shown on the right were initially made to poke fun at the Earl of Bute, Prime Minister of Great Britain between 1762 and 1763.  

Plain bowl boot glass

Plain bowl boot glass

This is what we believe to be a Georgian, hand-blown, boot glass or stirrup cup, dating from the late 18th century, c1770.  Such glasses were used to mock the Earl of Bute, Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1762-1763 and the first Prime Minster of Scotland following the Act of Union.   
The glass is in excellent condition for its age.  This means, of course, that it shows the age related wear and tear to the rim of the bowl and the foot commensurate with over 200 years of use.  
The glass measures 4.4 cm (1.7 inches) in diameter at the rim and stands 9.2 cm (3.7 inches) in height.  It carries a rough pontil mark to the heel of the boot.  The boot is plain. ...

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